Humanized Disney’s Animal Characters by Chaico

The Three Caballeros Ride Again by chacckcoThe Three Caballeros Ride Again

Chaico is a greatly talented illustrator from Japan.
She captures the essence of each character, from the incorporation of the beak shape into their lips to the perfection of the expressions.
Just superb.

Twitter / Tumblr / Pixiv / Deviantart

Minnie Mouse by chacckcoMinnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Daisy Duck

Daisy by chacckcoHumanized Daisy Duck in House of Mouse

Donald by chacckcoDonald Duck

Simba and Nala by chacckcoSimba and Nala

To be King by chacckco

simba and nala by_chacckco-d51mhag

Simba and Nala

Peg by chacckcoPeg

Dodger and Oliver by chacckcoDodger and Oliver

Ariel and Flounder by chacckcoAriel and Flounder

Tito and Georgette by chacckcoTito and Georgette

Thomas and Duchess by chacckcoThomas and Duchess



Prince John and Sir Hiss by chacckcoPrince John and Sir Hiss

Pete by chacckcoPete 

Scrooge McDuck


Flower from”Bambi”

3 side faces by chacckcoThe Three Caballeros


Happy Birthday, Jose!! by chacckco

The Three Caballeros by chacckco

The Three Caballeros Animation by chacckco

Foul Fellow and Gideon by chacckcoFoul Fellow and Gideon ( from “Pinocchio)

Chip 'n Dale by chacckcoChip ‘n Dale 

max and Goofy by_chacckco-d550z4sMax and Goofy

Family by chacckco


HAKUNA MATATA by chacckco

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