The Dark Surrealism of Alice Lin

Beijing based illustrator Alice Lin combines art, animals, and nature with fairytales, dark surrealism and childhood’s memories.

“So many things give me inspiration: fairy tales, music, pictures, movies, dreams, etc. From when I was a kid I liked to draw my imagined world, a place where the things that don’t exist in this world can be.”…”I have seen the birth of life and death. I am always aware that life is great and fragile. However one day we will all disappear. I always ask a question to myself : Are we real? Do we exist? Are we just illusive?”…”Animals and plants are my favorite subjects because I love this world and I hope the animals, plants, and humans can exist in harmony in this world forever. No death, no war, without the pain of sickness. But the truth is everything has its end and we must comply with the laws of nature.” Alice Lin

Creative China / Republic X / The Re:art / Behance

title:笼中鸟 (Cageling)
size: 43*31.5 inches(108*80CM)
Pencil on paper.

title: 遗失(Lost)
size: 43*31.5 inches(108*80CM)
Pencil on paper

You and Me / 你和我
Material: Rice paper, water color, natural mineral pigment
Technique: meticulous painting
Toadstool Spirit / 毒蘑菇精
Material: Rice paper, water color, Natural mineral pigment
and Gold powder.
Title: the wind
Material: Rice paper,water color,natural mineral pigment
Technique: meticulous painting

The Mad Hatter
 Material: drawing paper,pencil
Technique: drawing

title:The Mad hatter’s hats
 Material: Rice paper,water color,natural mineral pigment
Technique: meticulous painting
title: Goatman
material: Rice paper,water color,natural mineral pigment
technique: meticulous painting

material: rice paper,water color,natural mineral pigment
technique: meticulous painting

Flower Hat
15*20 inches
elaborate-style painting.
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One Response to The Dark Surrealism of Alice Lin

  1. girlgoo says:

    Your art is fantastic…I look forward to seeing more if your posts in the future!


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