The Blue Cave on Xiji Islet

Sea cave in a small abandoned island, Sijiy Island. In Penghu, Taiwan.

“Xiji Islet has been thrust into the limelight in recent months. Having been abandoned by its previous occupants in 1978, Xiji is a small, uninhabited island in a remote part of the archipelago chain of Penghu County in the Taiwan Strait. The islet drew little attention even from Penghu residents until earlier this year, when it rose from obscurity thanks to photographs that went viral on the Internet of a stunning geological formation that has become known as the Blue Cave. In the photos, sunlight streams in through a large circular opening in the rocky ceiling of the sea cave, causing the columnar basalt walls to glow bright blue. The fluorescent hue, which occurs only when the sun is high overhead around midday on clear days, is reflected in the waters surging into the cave, giving the entire scene an otherworldly quality. While the Blue Cave has increased the number of visitors to Xiji, the official June 8 announcement by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) regarding the establishment of Taiwan’s ninth and newest national park—comprising Xiji and three other islets—has further expanded its name recognition.” Oscar Chung via [TaiwanReview]

The Blue Cave on Xiji Islet | The Dancing Rest

The Blue Cave on Xiji Islet | The Dancing Rest


photos by 婉茹

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  1. impressing !!!! thanks for sharing !


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