1920+ by Jakub Różalski

011920+ by Jakub Różalski

1920+ is a historical-fiction project by Jakub Różalski , in which he wants to mix a giant mechs with a cavalry and rural climates from Polish village.

Polish concept artist & illustrator Jakub Różalski currently lives and works in Hamburg.

“History is my passion,” explains Różalski. Through the works, he says, “I wanted to combine the classic motifs of cavalry, the Polish army, life in the countryside, Polish paintings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century modernist design, [and] giant robot battles in order to [present] our [Polish] history and culture [in] original and interesting ways for a contemporary audience.”

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021920+ by Jakub Różalski031920+ by Jakub Różalski041920+ by Jakub Różalski051920+ by Jakub Różalski061920+ by Jakub Różalski071920+ by Jakub Różalski081920+ by Jakub Różalski091920+ by Jakub Różalski101920+ by Jakub Różalski111920+ by Jakub Różalski121920+ by Jakub Różalski

via [Lustik]

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