Blaschka’s Glass Models Photographed by Guido Mocafico

Lymnorea Trieda

Leopold Blaschka (1822– 1895) and his son Rudolf Blaschka (1857–1939) were German glass artists, known for the production of biological models such as the glass flowers and the invertebrate animals.

In this series Guido Mocafico portrays the Blaschka’s dedication to their craft. These masterpieces are manufactured out of clear, coloured and painted glass and still exist in several museum collectives: Harvard University Herbaria (Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Corning Museum of Glass/Cornell University and the Natural History Museums in London and Ireland, amongst others.

The Blaschka family made their objects only on commission for the institutions’ study purposes at that time, and they were never sold to the general public. Mocafico’s fascination with the story behind these has led him to be granted access by the museums’ curators to photograph them in his own unique style.


Chrysaora hysoscella

Terebella Emmalina

Physalia Pelagica

Apolemia Uvaria

Glaucus Longicirrus

Ophiothrix Serrata

Pelagia Noctiluca

Enoploteuthis Veranii

Calliactis Decorata

Beccaria Tricolor

via [HamiltonsGallery]

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  1. soooo beautiful !!!!


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