David López

01David LópezHeart – Acrylic on watercolor paper.

David López is a painter, illustrator, and concept artist from Colombia. He’s graduated as master of Visual Arts at the Javeriana University in Bogotá.

I just let my feelings to move me around different techniques or processes, and then the final result is everything that you see.” David López

Website / Deviantart / Flickr

02David LópezBehind the mind of a Pagan God – Ballpoint pen on paper.

03David LópezSketchbook… – Ballpoint pen on Paper.

04David LópezToga – Ballpoint pen on paper and digital texture

05David LópezSketchbook

06David LópezHappening – ink and Ballpoint pen on paper

07David LópezAbstinence Sketch – Ballpoint pen on paper This sketch is for an upcoming painting.

08David LópezFango – Ballpoint pen on paper

09David LópezSilver Hair

10David LópezStick – ink and digital

11David López

12David López.jpgGhost

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