The Imaginarium of Kelly Blevins

01Commissioned drawing: “Elephant Nest II (Vulnerability)” – 22” x 30”, charcoal on paper, 2013

Kelly Blevins is a Pittsburgh-based artist.
“I am a 2 dimensional artist combining the oddities of philosophies, politics and the nude body. The body of work I produce is generally large in scale to create clear, strong statements in relevance to universal concepts related to human nature to create a specific presence. Each drawing starts by applying charcoal powder with a large brush for basic shape and composition. Thereafter, an eraser and a charcoal pencil are used to develop a realistic representation of my visions.” Kelly Blevins

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02The Keeper , 60in x 60in , charcoal on paper

03“Myelo” – 60” x 117” , charcoal on paper , 2014

04“Tenor High C” by: Kelly Blevins – 32in x 45in, charcoal on paper, 2014

05Magician – 36” x 67” , Charcoal, Graphite, White Pastel on paper, (2010)

06“Batsy” by: Kelly Blevins – 24” x 20”, charcoal on paper, 2014

07“My Frederic Chopin Dream” by Kelly Blevins – 50” x 72” , Charcoal on paper , 2013

08“Tribesman” – 36″ x 61″ Charcoal on Paper (2012)

09“Tible” – 60” x 82” , charcoal on paper , (2013)

Artwork © Kelly Blevins

via [illusion]

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