Song of the Day: After Dark by Tito & Tarantula

Youre the blood in me by fdasuarez
After Dark is a song by Tito & Tarantula, an American chicano rock/stoner rock band formed in Hollywood California in 1992 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Tito Larriva.


Watching her
Strolling in the night
So white
Wondering why
It’s only After Dark
In her eyes
A distant fire light
burns bright
Wondering why
It’s only After Dark
I find myself in her room
Feel the fever of my doom
Falling falling
Through the floor
I’m knocking on the Devil’s door
In the Dawn
I wake up to find
her gone
And a note says
Only After Dark
Burning burning
in the flame
Now I know her
secret name
You can tear her temple down
But she’ll be back
and rule again
In my heart
A deep and dark
and lonely part
Wants her and
waits for After Dark

The band is best known for its songs, “After Dark”, “Back to the House That Love Built”, “Strange Face of Love”, and “Angry Cockroaches”, as well as for its role in Robert Rodriguez’s film From Dusk Till Dawn as the band performing at the “Titty Twister” nightclub. “After Dark” was the track played during Salma Hayek’s iconic exotic dance scene in that film, and later became the theme for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

By 1995, officially called Tito & Tarantula, the band had a stable line-up of Larriva (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Atanasoff (lead guitar), Jennifer Condos (bass), Lyn Bertles (violin,mandolin, recorder, harmonica), and Nick Vincent (drums, percussion). It was with this line-up that they recorded the songs “Back to the House That Love Built”, “Strange Face of Love”, and “White Train”, which made their debut in Robert Rodriguez’ film Desperado, which featured Larriva in a fairly minor but important role. The three songs appear on the film’s soundtrack. The next year, the band appeared in Rodriguez’ From Dusk Till Dawn as house band of the “Titty Twister” (though this band only consisted of Larriva, Atanasoff, and future drummer Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez). They also recorded three songs for the film: “After Dark”, “Angry Cockroaches”, and “Opening Boxes” (the latter of which did not appear on the soundtrack album).

Tito had met Rodriguez when filming Desperado. During the mixing of the film, Tito was playing a previously written song, that happened to be about vampires, which caught the ear of Rodriguez. Rodriguez mentioned that his next film was about vampires, and asked if he could videotape the song acoustically. One week later, Tito was informed that he and the band had now been written into the upcoming film Dusk Before Dawn, primarily to have actress Salma Hayek dance to the previously heard song in a scene.

Tito himself had scored several films previously, including a couple of films in Germany, and Just a Little Harmless Sex – in which he, along with Tarantula, also acted in, as “Chuey & His Spatular”. With his earlier band, The Plugz, he scored the cult hit film Repo Man.

Tito & Tarantula

Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Chicano rock, blues rock, Latin rock, Latin alternative, hard rock,stoner rock
Years active 1992–present
Associated acts Cruzados, The Plugz
Members Tito Larriva
Steven Hufsteter
Caroline “Lucy LaLoca” Rippy
Alfredo Ortiz
Past members Peter Atanasoff
Jennifer Condos
Io Perry
Lyn Bertles
Petra Haden
Andrea Figueroa
Marcus Praed
Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez
Nick Vincent
Achim Farber
Dominique Davalos
Rafael Gayol

image by fdasuarez

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