#instaartmovement by Lim Zhi Wei aka Limzy


Limzy is a Malaysian visual artist based in Singapore. She started #instaartmovement on Instagram when she was still an art teacher. Everyday after work, there is not much time, energy and light left for her to paint big paintings, so she started to portray her subjects using various little things found in her room and daily life. It was fun, simple, un-overanalysed and just so right. From food to flowers, pencils to cotton, stamps to thread, you name it.

Limzy’s works are curated on Instagram herself as she treats it as a gallery of its own and a place that conveys happiness through art for everyone to enjoy. It is indeed life changing. Her works have been featured by both local and overseas media including Instagram homepage, Mayhem Magazine Australia, Elements Magazine Malaysia, Push Culture and Uncertain Magazine Singapore.

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via [Laughing Squid]

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One Response to #instaartmovement by Lim Zhi Wei aka Limzy

  1. oolung says:

    This is adorable. What a pity it’s not permanent (or does this add to the charm?)…


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