Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock

01Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock

Fra.Biancoshock lives and works in Milan, Italy.
For a very long time he didn’t find an existing category that can fit his urban inclination, typical of the street art, and his expressive process which is very close to the classic conceptual and performative art; this is the reason why he decides to give birth to his own artistic avant-guarde, called: Ephemeralism.
Ephemeralism is a movement that has the purpose of producing works of art that have to exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time.
Before founding the Ephemeralism he realized more that 400 works in the streets of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Singapore and he is not thinking about stopping.

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02Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock03Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock04Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock05Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock06Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock07Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock08Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock09Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock10Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock11Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock12Ephemeralism Experience by Fra.Biancoshock

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    Great post!!!


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