Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen is a Georgia-based artist. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States, she received a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, exploring the mind’s dreamscape. Her paintings are created with a soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and thin glazes of diluted acrylic on paper. She is currently represented by Richard Solomon and Thinkspace Gallery.

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Nestled Within a Pallid Disposition by mynameistran

09Tran Nguyen.jpg

Living Parallel... by mynameistran

When the World... by mynameistran

12Tran Nguyen

13Tran Nguyen

14Tran Nguyen

15Tran Nguyen

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3 Responses to Tran Nguyen

  1. oolung says:

    Unique and beautifully rendered!


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