Noel Badges Pugh

Noel Badges Pugh:

Noel Badges Pugh dabbles in scientific illustration as well as artwork with a more psychedelic perspective. Inspired by nature and dreams, all’s created with an utmost appreciation for the details and structure of each subject.

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Noel Badges Pugh | the dancing rest:

Dandy Dots

Dandy Colors

blossoming color

geranium color

Noel Badges Pugh | the dancing rest:

blossom experiment

Poppy, Step 1

Poppy, Step 2

Noel Badges Pugh | the dancing rest:

Noel Badges Pugh | the dancing rest: blossoming again, ½ ink

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11 Responses to Noel Badges Pugh

  1. local2globe says:

    Great work friend, with your permission i would like to reblog this COOL ONE…. Local2globe.


  2. local2globe says:

    Reblogged this on local2global and commented:
    thank for for your greatest skills…


  3. absolutely beautiful!


  4. Chiara says:

    Thank you. You can reblog anything you want.
    Have a nice day! ;)


  5. local2globe says:

    Hi, thank you and wishing you a great journey – team local2globe.


  6. acsecnarfhall says:

    Wow, I love how you’ve drawn so much detail and I’ve fallen in love with these drawings! They’re beautiful


  7. acsecnarfhall says:

    whoops! *he’s


  8. jppyro says:

    Reblogged this on jppyro and commented:
    These are truly beautiful and very inspiring :)


  9. Laura Ulrich says:

    What an inspiration!


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