Peter Diamond

01Peter Diamond.jpg‘Lifelines’ – Ink & digital color, 2011

Peter Diamond is an illustrator based in Austria. He works primarily in editorial illustration with clients in Europe and North America, as well as with musicians and labels producing album art, posters and merchandise.
Peter teaches illustration at Illuskills in Vienna and works with Illustria, the burgeoning society of Austrian illustrators, as an international contact person. He was born in England and grew up in Canada, earning a BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax.

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02Peter Diamond
Adoption and Birth Fathers – Ink & digital color, 2013

03Peter Diamond.jpg
Class and Counselling – Ink & digital color, 2013

04Peter Diamond.jpg
Class and Counselling (cover) – Ink & digital color, 2013

05Peter Diamond.jpg
‘Treading Water’ – Ink & digital color, 2010

06Peter Diamond.jpg‘A Funeral’ – Ink, alcohol ink & digital color, 2010

07Peter Diamond.jpg‘The Playoff Beard’ (Luongo) – Ink and digital, 2011 – Illustrators Unlimited (Die Gestalten)

08Peter Diamond.jpgStopper

09Peter Diamond.jpg‘Chasing The Cup’ 

10Peter DiamondShooter

11Peter DiamondWhere We’re From
A personal piece about the cultural inheritance we receive from our parents and pass to our kids.

12Peter DiamondCover for June 2013 issue. For a feature about the drop-off in the peace movement since the end of the Bush regime.


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5 Responses to Peter Diamond

  1. He’s so talented!


  2. im just as talented why wont anyone hire me or write about me : (


  3. This looks great, good work.


  4. The amount of details and the color scheme is brilliant.


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