Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile

01Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile

Impressive and emotionally captivating artworks by Italian painter Silvia Pelissero (best known as agnes-cecile) .

cleanfolio / eyesonwalls / deviantart / youtube / tumblr / society6

02Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile03Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile04Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile05Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile06Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile07Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile08Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile09Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile10Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile11Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile13Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile14Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile15Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile16Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile

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