Hsiao-Ron Cheng

01Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Hsiao-Ron Cheng is a 1986-born Taiwanese illustrator. She started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2012 and soon get international attention. Since then she has shown her work in exhibitions from Europe to the USA. Her work has appeared in many publications such as Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine, Juxtapoz New Contemporary Book, Joia Magazine and many more.
In the same year, Hsiao-Ron got nominee for Young Illustrator Award 2012

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02Hsiao-Ron Cheng03Hsiao-Ron Cheng04Hsiao-Ron Cheng05Hsiao-Ron Cheng06Hsiao-Ron Cheng07Hsiao-Ron Cheng08Hsiao-Ron Cheng09Hsiao-Ron Cheng

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    haert taching


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