China’s Legendary “Dreaming of the Tiger Spring” Sculpture

“Located at the foot of Daci Hill in the Hangszou, Zhejiang province of China lies the scenic Hupao Spring, also known as theDreaming of the Tiger Spring. The picturesque landscape features an eye-catching sculpture of a man, seemingly caught in a slumber as two tigers creep their way down the rocks towards him. Despite the imminent danger one may predict for an unguarded man being approached by the wild beasts, the sculpture projects a sense of peace.

The figurative structure embedded in the natural setting is actually a reflection of the spring’s origins. Legend tells of an accomplished monk named Huanzhong (from the Yang Dynasty) who left his temple in search of water. He fell fast asleep in nature and an immortal spirit spoke to him in his dream, telling the parched monk that two tigers would soon bring a fountain to the area. Upon awaking, Huanzhong came in contact with two tigers who were scratching at the earth, eventually causing a geyser to burst through. Now, the spring pays tribute to the story with the sculpture and fresh spring water for visitors to indulge in.”

Posted by Pinar  [mymodernmet]

Photo credit: Dideldidu

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