Pacific Light by Ruslan Khasanov

03Pacific Light by  Ruslan Khasanov

“Russian graphic designer Ruslan Khasanov (…) released this experimental video where he plays with the interaction between ink, oil, and soap. Khasanov says he became inspired while cooking with a mixture of oil and soy sauce when he noticed the small black beads begin to form at the bottom of a container. He then began playing with a mixture of ink and soap to create this amazing mix of blue, white, yellow, and magenta. See everything in motion in the video above, and you can see some larger stills over on Behance.”

Posted by  Christopher Jobson via [thisiscolossal]

0104Pacific Light by  Ruslan Khasanov05Pacific Light by  Ruslan Khasanov06Pacific Light by  Ruslan Khasanov02Pacific Light by  Ruslan Khasanov

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One Response to Pacific Light by Ruslan Khasanov

  1. Erik Andrulis says:

    Visually phantasmagorical!


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