Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

01Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

“Digital collages for Highlife Shop Magazine, comissioned by Cedar Communications.
The content in the collages represent the notes in the perfumes. ”

Sixto-Juan Zavala is a graphic designer, illustrator, and video jockey. He has a B.F.A. in Communication Design from Texas State University. He specializes in identity work, poster design, illustration, and their application in social media. He worked at BradfordLawton, LLC, a San Antonio based graphic design firm for 3 years (from 2010–2013). Zavala also serves as art director and VJ for Essentials, a monthly audio visual event and applied arts collective.


02Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala03Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

08Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala04Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

10Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala05Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

09Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala06Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

12Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala07Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala11Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala13Floral Alchemy by Sixto-Juan Zavala

[via behance]

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